Inspiring Confidence, Fostering Integration

We apply occupational therapy models and approaches towards assessments, interventions, clinical governance and compliance among a range of services for neurodiverse individuals in disability, educational, social and corporate organisations in Ireland.

Occupational Therapy Services

Our evidence-based, neuroaffirmative and goals-focused interventional services involve actively engaging with individuals using specific occupational therapy theoretical models and approaches to provide targeted interventions aimed at addressing community support needs, fostering independence and personal sovereignty while promoting overall well-being. Our services are person, family and staff-centred and are designed with meaningful and purposeful outcomes.

Clinical Governance and Consultancy Supports

We offer expert advice, guidance, and support in various areas related to occupational therapy to disability organisations, state bodies, education and medico-legal teams that involve Direct Therapy and Coaching for staff, Program Development and Evaluation, Policy and Procedure Development, Staff Training and Professional Development, Quality Improvement Initiatives, Clinical Governance and Mentoring, Specialised Expertise, Legal and Advocacy Services.

Sensory Design

Combining a unique background in design with extensive clinical expertise, we utilise therapeutic insights and experience with design skills to support the creation of universally accessible and ergonomic spaces that can significantly enhance the users’ overall experience. We work with HC21 and SENCO to design and create multisensory spaces nationally in Ireland.

Our expertise is in supporting individuals through their journey of self-discovery and growth, community integration and full participation through the enhancement of health and quality of life.

About Us

At the heart of everything we do is an unwavering passion for people. Our driving purpose is to empower individuals with disabilities to confidently navigate the social landscape, embracing their roles as contributors and reclaiming personal sovereignty over their lives and dreams.

During years of hands-on clinical experience, we’ve witnessed challenges that ignited the desire for change. These experiences have fueled our determination to craft solutions where they are needed most.

Our reach spans across multiple domains, each representing a unique opportunity to ignite transformation. We’re committed to sparking awareness, championing advocacy, and elevating representation. Our aim is not just inclusivity, but a comprehensive and lasting impact that permeates every corner of society.



Our passion is unlocking the unlimited boundaries of human potential and our unwavering focus is to unlock that potential within every individual. We believe there are no limits to what people can achieve and we are dedicated to empowering everyone to reach new heights.

Who We Work With


Through our commitment and expertise, we strive to open doors, remove barriers, and inspire a world where human potential knows no bounds. To achieve this, we work with a variety of organisations, including:


  • Organisations supporting or working with people with disabilities
  • Disability Organisations
  • Community Support Services
  • Children and Adult Services
  • Organisations supporting or working with people with disabilities
  • Disability Organisations
  • Community Support Services
  • Children and Adult Services
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Universities and other Higher Education Institutions
  • Sports Organisations
  • Employee Assistance Programmes
  • Workplace Health Programmes
  • Organisational Employment Supports
  • Medico-Legal Teams
  • Education
  • Health and Therapy Centres
  • Corporate

Why Work With Us

At Oakwater Therapy, we’ve adopted a comprehensive approach that combines various therapy modalities.

We are distinguished by our unwavering commitment to the individual, the integration of cutting-edge technology, interdisciplinary collaboration, evidence-based practices, a focus on lifelong skills and universal accessibility.

Each individual receives transformative, innovative, and highly effective interventions and services to allow them to be confidently present in the social landscape.

Our consultancy takes a holistic approach beyond symptoms and presentations to focus on the whole person, addressing physical, emotional, cognitive, social and environmental factors to achieve comprehensive and lasting results.

Our Core Values







Let's Talk

Whether you want to explore services or assessments available for individuals, are seeking to enhance your staff productivity and inclusion, are interested in promoting the well-being of your staff, or want to achieve other specific goals - we are here to collaborate and tailor our offerings to meet your unique needs.

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